Roosikrantsi 4, Tallinn

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Overview of Hostel

*Hostel Euphoria will not have a regular reception for the 2018-19 winter season, all check-ins must me organized with us directly through phone call or email

2 minutes walk from ‘Freedom Square’ next to the old town, center of Tallinn. Euphoria Hostel is known immediately by the colourful graffi

From Nights People


We are near Vabaduse Väljak (Freedom Square) on the edge of the Old Town, so first you need to find the Square.

From Central Bus station:
You need to take a bus No. 17, 17a or 23 to the bus stop VABADUSE VÄLJAK.

From Harbour (A, B, C terminals), Train station:
You need to take a tram No. 1 or 2 (direction Ülemiste or Kadriorg) to tram stop HOBUJAAMA. Then go to the opposite tram stop (not the same direction where you came!) and take tram No 3 or 4 (direction Tondi) to tram stop VABADUSE VÄLJAK (Freedom square). Good way to recognize the square is by the yellow church - if you are next to it you are in right place!
NB! At the moment the tram lines 1 to 2 are under construction - different buses and alternative routes chaneg daily depending on the construction works.

From Airport:
You need to take a bus No. 2 (direction Reisisadam/ A-terminal) and get off at the bus stop A.LAIKMAA in the city center - this stop is next to Viru shopping center and Tallink hotel. From there cross the street and go to the Viru Bus Terminal and take a bus No. 18 (direction Laagri) to the VABADUSE VÄLJAK bus stop. Good way to recognize the Vabaduse väljak (Freedom square) is by the yellow church - if you are next to it you are in the right place!

FROM 'VABADUSE VÄLJAK', that is the main city square in Tallinn walk across the street through the tunnel (NB: This tunnel is closed during night time, you have to cross street from the intersection). You will see a brown building that is the Tallinn City Hall and Roosikrantsi street starts just right from it. Walk about 50 meters and find house No. 4 ( it is next one after St Barbara Hotel) on your left with a gateway and sign Euphoria. Down the gateway there is only one door - it is red and it is Euphoria entrance. Ring the doorbell and we'll let you in :)

Sunday-Thursday 9-14:00 & 18-23:00
Friday and Saturday 9-23:00.

Located near

Freedom Square, Old Town

Conditions & Policy

Credit Cards Accepted

Respect for others is expected. Shoes off in our common room. On autumn to spring season shoes off inside also. No Smoking inside (but you can smoke water pipe). No straight spirits to be drunk in the lounge (mixed drinks ok) Moderate use of alcohol is accepted. No drugs! NB! We run a casual reception in our low season so it is important that you let us know exactly when you are arriving so we can be there to meet you. - Low season runs until May 2015 If you do surprise us you can call us on the spot and we will have someone to let you in within 15-20 minutes